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BROWNING ASSOCIATES - Do not hesitate!

 Do not hesitate! As a college professor who teaches Career Development and Success Training, I cannot recommend Browning Associates highly enough. Here’s why. When a new President took over at the University where my husband was a longtime executive, and I was a professor, we were shocked to find we had both lost our jobs.Because of my experience in career education I realized what we needed was top notch executive level help in marketing ourselves. We were grieving from having invested everything then being let go. We were in too much pain and too close to fire to be objective and strategic. We needed to be coached! I contacted John Seraichyk Founder/President the CEO of BROWNING ASSOCIATES . His response was immediate, compassionate and positive. He got our pain and frustration and explained why there was a reason to hope and had the evidence and experience to back up his words.  He quickly connected us to our own personal support team including our executive career coach Bob Jones…
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Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It's Friday By John Seraichyk - Browning Associates

I have often wondered where the phrase Thank God it’s Friday originates. Or, alternatively Thank Goodness it’s Friday or Terribly Gleeful it’s Friday. Furthermore, who founded Hump Day(this is the middle of the week and the day you need to get through to get closer to the weekend)? And, why are there snooze buttons on alarm clocks?

For nearly twenty years I have interviewed thousands of professionals who sought out the valuable assistance of my organization because they hated their jobs. I call these people Thank God its Fridayers or TGIFers. These are people who wish their lives away working for the weekend or working through the weekend. Either way, they all agree, this is no way to live.

Early in my career, I met with a middle-age professional (I’ll call him Jim) who told me he would depress the snooze button on his alarm clock as many as five times before getting out of bed on Monday morning. Jim further explained tha…


 What percentage of the executives we work with land positions and what is the length of the average search endeavor?
Hey there;  so BROWNING ASSOCIATES is not a data statistics company but we have been doing our best to help people for a long time. I hope this gives you some good insight to what we are seeing...
john s - CEO

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a typical executive job search takes one month for each $10,000 in desired income.  Some simple math quickly illustrates we are way ahead of that trend.   The 2018 average base salary for our clients was $225,000 approx. For those who wholly embraced our services, their approx. median time in career transition was 6.4 months.   When the economy is good, hiring takes place. When times are bad, we just have to work harder to create opportunity…   The length of an executive job search campaign varies and is contingent on a variety of variables including: Work history, employment record, wage/compensation req…

Are you 007 Job Seeker

Are you 007 Job seeker - BROWNING ASSOCIATES  God is the author of resurrection and life and the sooner you begin to resurrect old relationships by way of telling people about your career transition, the sooner God will bring life to your job search.......
BROWNING ASSOCIATES has to come to know If you belive in you, the way Jesus does and the way Jesus believes in his Father, you too will succeed in promoting your message.  Look how Jesus promoted his message/resume. He networked fervently. He could not stop talking about His resume. He could not stop telling people about His passion. Are you passionate about your message and mission; your resume?

And ye shall be witnesses unto me. – Acts 1:8

In order to learn how to discharge your duty as a witness for Christ—look at His example. He is always witnessing—by the well of Samaria, or in the Temple of Jerusalem—by the lake of Gennesaret, or on the mountain’s brow. He is witnessing night and day; His mighty prayers are as vocal to God—as…

Anything You Say on Your Resume Can and Will be Used Against you in the Human Resources Department!

BROWNING ASSOCIATES - Anything You Say on Your Resume Can and Will be Used Against you in the Human Resources Department!

If your CEO knew what was going on with your companies hiring protocols; the defecation would hit the ventilation….

If all the résumé writers in the world (all 6 billion of them) convened at the summit of mount boilerplate, entered a massive resume writing laboratory and created what they believed to be the next super power most mightily efficient and effectual résumé ever known to the master screeners of human resources and the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) geek squads of America, and then asked 50 CEO’s for their candid opinions; here would be the results of the meeting faction: 10 CEO’s would like it, 10 would find more things wrong with it, 10 would absolutely hate it and 20 won’t even show up because they know resumes are a waste of time.… I know, because I’ve been running résumé focus groups for nearly 20 years.

Resume Advice is Useless

I’ve learned that a…

Most Executives are Job Fishers Not Job Hunters

Most Executives are Job Fishers Not Job Hunters BROWNING ASSOCIATES asks, are you hunting for your next executive job with a fishing pole or a rifle? Job fishers are relaxed laid-back people who cast their resume and wait for a nibble. They must be patient because it may be weeks or even months before they get a single bite! Job Hunters adjust their sites and proactively go out everyday in search of food; they are hungry and there is no time to wait around for their next meal. Which are you?

How to Answer the Weakness Question

BROWNING ASSOCIATES  - The Weakness Question This query has been an enduring weapon in the hiring manager's arsenal, but most people still have trouble with the dilemma it poses: answer too frankly, and you'll torpedo your prospects. Bestow a canned answer and you'll seem phony, or worse, evasive. We have all at one time or another been faced with the dreaded "weakness" question. Why shouldn't we dread this inquiry? The employer is virtually asking why he/she shouldn't hire you!
A savvy interviewer may disguise the "weakness" question... He/she might pose the (weakness) question as: What are three self-limiting thoughts? Tell me about a time in your career that you really goofed up? If I were to call your best reference and ask him/her for 3 reasonsnotto hire you for this job, what would he/she say?
What kind of people do you find it difficult to work with?
Yes, she/he may even ask: What is your greatest weakness?
There are virtually unlimited que…